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Thrive with PKB

PKB is looking for highly motivated individuals who share our passion, values and ambition.

A beautiful place to work with the best talents.

Going for a new job is a big step.
We continuously look for talented people across a broad range of disciplines to join our dedicated teams in our various locations.
We look for ambitious people with an appetite to continuously grow and learn, to join our family and thrive together.

Why work at PKB?

Focus on people

As a family-owned company, we know that our most valuable resources are our people. Our development opportunities and internal culture reflect this very principle.

Agile workplace

Our roots may stretch back to the 19th century, but our flexible working hours and leading-edge technology are aligned with the times.


Our business has remained in the same steady hands since the start – and it shows in our results as well as our reputation as a solid yet ambitious wealth manager.


Everyone deserves a healthy work-life balance. Our vacation and family leave policies are generous and respectful of our employees and their priorities.

A different sensibility

Art is entwined in our history and culture – and this may be why we have a strong appreciation for craft, excellence and inspiration that drives us forward.

Beautiful Lugano

Our head office is located in Lugano, Switzerland, known as much for its Mediterranean flair as its high quality of life.