PKB Foundation

The PKB Foundation

Doing well and doing good, the PKB Foundation focusses on furthering science and medicine for the benefit of improving the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Established in 2009 in memory of Serafino Trabaldo Togna, the PKB Foundation supports small and promising projects in Switzerland and abroad. Activities include the support of social and medical assistance, with particular attention to the elderly and children.

The foundation is submitted to the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations and chaired by Dr. Giovanni Vergani, a member of the PKB Board of Directors.

Supported projects


Child protection thanks to the “#JOIN4RESPECT” project developed by the ASPI Foundation: a programme to prevent bullying and cyberbullying through educational and awareness-raising lessons to primary school pupils, as well as teachers and families.

Francesco Foundation

Projects for social aid (Francesco Foundation directed by Fra Martino Dotta) aimed at implementing and managing initiatives and structures for the basic needs of people in difficulty, with particular reference to housing, clothing and sustenance.

Cornaredo Masseria Project

Contribution for the old Cornaredo Masseria project, which will allow the architectural and structural recovery of the Masseria complex and give new life to spaces such as the social canteen and ACLI meeting centre.

Cooperativa Maria Cecilia

Contribution to the Cooperativa Maria Cecilia (Biella – Italy) in its activity of aid and support to the elderly population in the Biella area through the daytime care of people who would be left to their own devices during family members’ working hours.

Cesvi Onlus

Contribution to Cesvi Onlus – Cooperazione e Sviluppo, for its humanitarian action in connection with the war in Ukraine, realised through support to refugees received in border countries, offering them safe spaces, essential services and legal assistance.