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About us

We are the wealth manager rooted in family values and independence, and committed to one goal: helping our clients thrive.

The PKB difference

The PKB difference


We all want to thrive – to grow, prosper and make a difference to those around us. Our goal is to help our clients, business partners, employees and the world around us do just that.

Beautiful solutions

Beauty is a quality, an accomplishment and a perpetual goal. In wealth management, beauty is the art of delivering simple, even inspired solutions to complex challenges, over and over again.


Professionalism and passion define our relationships. We do everything we can to protect and cultivate what matters most to our clients.


For generations, the Trabaldo Togna family has guaranteed the stability of PKB Group and continues doing so with an entrepreneurial mindset. We aim to act in the best interest of our clients – always with a sense of ownership and accountability.


As a family-owned business with an entrepreneurial past, we know what it takes to safeguard wealth and identify opportunities that can benefit people and the planet, well into the future.

How we help our clients thrive

You are unique – as are your experiences, challenges and ambitions. Our competence and proximity are your guarantees of a sustainable and professional relationship. This is why our experienced senior advisors and wealth management specialists always take a personal interest in understanding the individuals, families, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who put their trust in us.

Headquartered in Switzerland but experienced far beyond, we offer the world-class services of a large private bank with a vital attention to detail. Our multi-market perspective and exacting standards keep us attuned to your shifting needs and connected to new opportunities.

The Trabaldo Togna family provides the strategic guidance for PKB group and ensures that we are always looking to improve, innovate and strive for the highest possible standard. This ambition is catalysed through our dedicated relationship managers, who can bring you the best of PKB and determine the optimal asset allocation for your goals.

More about PKB

Our History

From 19th-century entrepreneurs to wealth managers, the Trabaldo Togna family is the heart of PKB.

Work with us

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate, share our values and want to help our clients thrive.

Art & PKB

We are proud of our beautiful private collection and long-standing support of the art world.