Advisory Solutions

Tailored advice

The depth of investment advice right for you.

We guide, you thrive

We guide, you thrive

At your side

Our Standard and Premium services ensure you always receive the advice that is right just for you.
Our advisory service is aimed at clients who usually make their investment choices independently and, as a matter of practice or on occasion, seek proactive investment advice.


Benefits geared to help you

You can benefit from our open architecture, which ensures access to all asset classes and investment products with an independent approach. Our dedicated team of professionals have broad asset class expertise, a deep understanding of market dynamics and the advantage of market proximity.

Step by step

Within the Transactional Advisory, your relationship manager will be able to recommend specific investment solutions selected by the bank taking into account your level of knowledge and experience.

Tailored to you

With the Advisory service, the relationship manager is your steady point of contact and can answer all questions while working with you to develop tailored solutions. You receive regular market analyses and news on your portfolio.

Premium access

The Advisory Premium service allows you to benefit from the direct support of our Advisory desk specialists. You receive not only daily information and investment advice, but also enhanced analyses and portfolio monitoring, both an integral part of this mandate.

Other solutions

Discretionary solutions

Our team of specialists can propose a range of investment products as unique as your investment strategy.

Credit solutions

Our Lombard loans, mortgage and corporate banking offering is ideal for entrepreneurs and companies.

Private clients

Let us help you navigate the complexities of the investment landscape with our discretionary, advisory, credit and wealth solutions.