Since the turn of the century, the phenomenon of art collecting has seen unprecedented growth among institutional and private investors. Particularly passionate about art and a precursor firmly convinced of the value of this type of investment, Serafino Trabaldo Togna (1922-2006), then a major shareholder of PKB Privatbank and already a private collector, started the bank's collection in the 1980s. Originally from Piedmont, with business interests mainly in Lombardy, he first favoured the Lombard works of the Renaissance. The collection was then enriched with works of modern art and currently boasts one hundred international works dating from the mid-1990s to the present day.

Our collection is a tribute to the history of art over the centuries that is of great significance to our bank and which we invite you to discover below or on our premises.

Our passion for art also embraces photography.  In 2012, PKB forged a partnership with Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, a centre of excellence in the conservation and enhancement of our visual heritage, which houses a unique collection of more than 100,000 prints and photographic archives. The Swiss museum organises four exhibitions a year which attract a large number of visitors, and each year PKB sponsors the realisation of one of them.

The bank makes its network of contacts available to its passionate customers. It helps them identify the most appropriate experts, obtain estimates of works of art and can intervene during buying or selling at auction.


Martine Franck, Piscine conçue par Alain Capeillères, Le Brusc, été 1976, © Martine Franck Magnum Photos

Sponsored exhibitions

In recent years, PKB has supported a variety of exhibitions, forging a partnership with the Lausanne Musée de l’Elysée, an internationally recognised museum fully dedicated to photography.

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