The benefits of the discretionary mandate

Less to worry about

Discretionary management is undertaken by the bank. By giving our specialists the mandate to grow your portfolio, you free up your mind and your schedule.

Your profile

You tell us your wishes and requirements, ask us any questions you like, no matter how frivolous they may seem. In this way, the situation is clear for both you and us. We will give you the benefit of our experience and point you towards the solution most appropriate to your needs.


We are active at all times in the financial markets and can make decisions instantly and in your best interest.


Our expertise acquired over the decades at international level allows us to understand different market situations with hindsight and professionalism.

Different solutions

In addition to traditional asset management, it is possible to opt for asset management in investment funds. We use the principle of "open architecture": our specialists conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses of thousands of investment funds in different asset classes and geographical areas and select the best ones for your portfolio.

Together we will build a relationship based on mutual trust

The client has constant help, detailed management reports and can also schedule regular appointments where they can ensure that the results meet their expectations or review their objectives in line with any new requirements.